WatchOS 7 Features NOT Shown In Keynote

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A special breaking edition of the newsletter! I take it you’ve already watched the incredibly information-dense WWDC keynote. I spent the second half of it taking details notes and reading press releases. Here’s everything I have found that they did not talk about on-stage


This is huge. The Watch is the perfect device for trigger actions. This one feature alone opens up so many possibilities. Think about starting an entire Rube Goldberg machine of connected actions, from just your Wrist.

Much faster animations

Translation on Wrist

Colour Filters For Watch Faces

New colour tint makes photos look really nice and professional, appropriate for a Watch Face.

On-Device Dictation!

Headphone Hearing Audio Health Notifications

Handwashing Reminder When You Get Home

As someone who works in the health industry, I can not stress just how happy and excited I am for this feature alone. I predict it to be the most important one, up there with the holistic sleep tracking (I can’t wait to write a lot about this).

New complications

  1. Camera Remote

  2. Sleep

  3. Shortcuts

  4. Moon Phase

  5. World Clock

WatchOS Public Beta in July

First time there will be an official public beta for non-developers.

Series 1 and 2 Are Not Supported

This is actually good news. Apple has been selling the Series 3 for £199 and this signals a commitment for the future. This also makes life a lot easier for developers.

Mobility Metrics

Further detail on the activity trends and complications.

Quickly Mentioned Features You Might Have Missed

Multiple Complications For Same App

Notice how each complication is for the baby app.

Swift UI Complications

This is developer focused but this will lead to much better, more responsive and detailed complications.

Tachymeter and Chronometer Watch Faces

I am sure there is a lot more, and I will update this post regularly, and send out an updated newsletter later in the week with all those important little details. To read that as soon as it is released, please subscribe.

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