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Showing you how to turn your Apple Watch into a wrist supercomputer. The goal is to make this the very best Apple Watch resource out there. It’ll cover the specific methods, apps and habits behind using it to be happier, calmer and more productive.

Rough Future Timeline

This is like a book, but the chapter titles are already written. Each of the next 12 instalments of this newsletter will detail how the Apple Watch helps me:

  1. Sleep better

  2. Get things done every day with a simple GTD (Getting Things Done) system

  3. Connect with my friends and family

  4. Look after my mental health

  5. Build muscle after years of being the ’skinny kid’

  6. Run 5k

  7. Organise my day and ensure I don’t forget important tasks

  8. Note my random thoughts and ideas through the day

  9. Listen to podcasts that entertain me through the chores of the day

  10. Take a break from technology

  11. Keep my online identity and passwords secure

  12. Track and build better habits

Ultimately, I would like to make the case for why the Apple Watch is the greatest behavioural change device ever made. If you’re interested in reading a deep dive into this, please subscribe below. I promise I value your attention, and I will send you ad-free in-depth editorials.

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